How does it work?

Chef at home, treat yourself to a culinary experience.
Receive your guests by calling a Home Chef. He prepares the meal in front of you, takes care of the service, clears the table and cleans the kitchen while you make the most of your guests. For cooking lovers, the Chef at home will also give you some tips when preparing the meal.

1. You choose a common menu with your guests (starters, dishes, identical desserts)
2. You contact the Chef to agree on the place and time.
3. The Home Chef buys the products needed to complete the meal.
4. 1h30 before the time of your meal, the Chef at home takes the orders of your kitchen to realize the menu.
5. During your meal at home, the Chef will take care of the plates and the service. For groups of more than 8 people, the Chef uses a server to ensure a better quality of service.
6. At the end of the service, the Chef at home will leave your kitchen as clean as on arrival.

The Chef at home takes with him all the food necessary for the realization of the menu, as well as his cutting and dressing tools. They will use the cookware on site for food warming, on-site training plates, and the oven and hob. In case one of the previous materials were missing, please specify when ordering.

Diner includes purchase of goods, service, cleaning, table dressing

Booking and Payment Conditions

The payment of a deposit of 30% is required upon confirmation of the deposit.
This allows you to block my availability on this date.
A menu on the website Interested? ( epicurien)
You send by mail or in the contact section the following information,
* The choice of starter, hot dish, dessert
* Place, date, time of service
* Number of children and adults
After receiving all the information, a link is sent to you to Pay deposit 30% by Securised credit card
The Balance will be paid by Card or Cash The Day of the Dinner

Terms of sales
In case of cancellation the sums due for the benefit will be returned to the user at the level of the totality
* 100% if it takes place more than 8 days before the date of the service
* 50% if it takes place less than 8 days and more than 72 hours before the date of the service
* No Refund if it occurs 72H or less before the benefit date



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